Be Inspired

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When I seen this quote on Instagram so many thoughts came to mind. No matter what situations are thrown your way, no matter how tired you are make sure you keep pushing through it. Never get to comfortable in what you are doing.  I don’t want to sound cliche but it all starts with you. When you are not getting the results you want out of something “GO HARDER”. Put more effort into what you are doing whether it is Work, Blogging, Working Out, Doing Make Up/Hair, Saving Money etc. I keep a mental note that hard work pays off.

“She who is brave is FREE”

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“Angela Simmons”

I’m literally obsessed with Angela Simmons, I think a lot of people do not really give her the credit that she deserves. I love who she presents herself to be, she is a woman into many different things such as; Fashion, Staying active and traveling. Angela Simmons reminds me of myself from how she dresses to the quotes that she posts. She has a shoe collection out that goes by the name of “Pastry”. She is now releasing a Faux Fur line “Foofi by Angela Simmons” how cute is that!

Yes she is the daughter of Rev Run and the niece of Russell Simmons but money does not define her.  Someone who inspires you should not influence you just by their physical appearance or the bags and shoes that they rock. They should be inspirational because of the positive vibes they put into the universe and letting people know its okay to be themselves.

She definitely stays “In Hur Lane“.

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“Fashion Side”

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“Active Side”

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“Foofi By Angela Simmons”

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If you do not follow her I recommend that you do, you will not regret it.

Instagram: AngelaSimmons


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