Managing Work/Life Balance

One thing that we face in our everyday lives is time management. I don’t really hang out much with my friends and that’s because I am always so tired. I’m kind of at a point where being tired can not be my excuse anymore. Besides blogging the thing I have been into is working out,  I also have a job that does not have a set schedule. There are some days that I will not get home until 11 o’clock at night because I went straight to the gym after work and I get annoyed because I had a list of things I wanted to do. I am trying to figure it all out because at some point yoga is going to be another thing added to my list. I am a stationary junkie, I love cute journals, planners, pens etc. A month ago my friend showed me this cute planner she bought from Barnes and Nobles it was $13.00 but well worth it. It was so cute that I ran and got one the next day, also comes in two different sizes and multiple colors. Each night I write my plans for the next day but I recently discovered that’s not working out for me. My case is so serious that now I have to do time slots and I’m going to do this at the beginning of each week, and delegate myself a “Me Time Day”. I know I am not the only with this problem please share how you balance both, I can use new ideas.

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The Planner Click for Link

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