I am the type of person who writes everything down including things I want to buy. The other day I was going through my Elle Magazine and their were so many products I wanted to try. I wrote them down and went straight to Ulta before heading to the gym. Its no better feeling than buying a product and feeling so good about your purchase after you try it.

My Fabulous Finds For The Week.




I am a big fan of Essie I buy a polish once every two weeks it seems. I hate going to get my nails done and picking from colors I do not really care for. Anytime I’m in Ulta I have to make my way to the polish section. Last week I purchased “Cashmere Matte” from Target, I felt obligated because it was only 3 left. This week I purchased “Blossom Dandy” from the Flowerista Collection and I am in love!

Beauty Steal: 

Mini four pack of the collection for $17.00 I have been seeing it on back order.

FullSizeRender (15)

My Essie collection slowly but surely growing!



The Master Graphic eye liner is probably the purchase I am the most excited about. For a minute I gave up on trying to create a wing with my eye liner. They were never even or one was thicker than the other but thanks to Elle Magazine I bought this from Ulta for only $7.99. You can get it at your nearest drugstore.

Maybelline “Master Graphic” by Eye Studio


FullSizeRender (11)

My first time trying it and this is how my wing came out! Perfect right?


It basically reminds me of a marker, I think the concept is cool because it makes you feel more confident when applying because of the sturdy tip! You can make your line really thick or really thin depending on which side you use. Be sure to pass along the good news!



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