New York City girl PT.2

Finally Part. 2! This is where all the exploring takes place. Getting on the subway for the first time, Going to SOHO,Times Square, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Going up to the 67th floor in the Rockefeller Plaza.Not to mention the weather was horrible.There was a snowstorm which is why Im happy I packed the way I did.

photo (3)

Getting on the subway was a funny experience.That was one thing I was determined to do and get to SOHO. I thought I had it all figured it out according to my Hop-stop app until we finally got underground! So many letters and numbers but its honestly so easy to get around once you figure it out.

photo 2 (8)

photo 3 (7)

photo 5 (5)

The setting looks exactly like the movies!

photo 1 (17)

photo 3 (17)

Finally made it to SOHO only walked around for 10 minutes because of the weather. We were to scared to take the subway back so taxi it was!photo 4 (13)

The Adidas store was huge!

photo 1 (8)

That moment when you are finally in a taxi and then you realize that he is taking you the long way so you get out and start walking only to realize he was right!!

DSCN0081 photo 1 (15)

Oh HEY cool snowman!

photo 4 (8) photo 5 (8)

photo 3 (18)


When you finally walk into Times Square the atmosphere is so different no matter how dark it is outside it literally looks like its Daytime still. We were so cold but after a while you forget because of everything that’s going on. Walking into H & M I felt like it was a club with the DJ playing some of my favorite songs!

photo 1 (9) photo 1 (10) photo 2 (11)

I look like such a creep in this picture!

photo 3 (10) photo 5 (7)

We Made it to the big screen! We stood there for at least 10 minutes to capture this moment!
photo 5 (11)

What an experience!


If you love candy and junk food just as much as I do this is the place for you! Dylan’s Candy Bar is owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, she was actually there,which was definitely a plus! 3 floors full of goodies and cool souvenirs such as Cupcake pillows, and candy pajamas.

photo 2 (18)

photo 3 (16)

photo 5 (12)

photo 2 (13)

photo 1 (13)


photo 2 (7) photo 4 (14)

photo (5)


Going to Top Of The Rock was a excellent way to end our trip. Seeing New York from the 67th floor of the Rockefeller Plaza was BREATHTAKING!



DSCN0084 DSCN0085

photo 2 (22) photo 3 (20)

photo 5 (14)

photo 5 (9)


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